Person Picking an Apple from a Tree

15 03 2008


Curious about how you make decisions? I know I am! That’s where the Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) drawing assessment comes in handy. The artist is asked to draw a person picking an apple from a tree in anyway they want using shape, line and color (the artist is provided with a drawing medium like markers, pastels or colored pencils). The drawing can then be assessed for prominence of color and color choice, developmental level, energy, line-quality, realism, logic, detail, and problem-solving. Someone with depression might have low prominence of color, detail and may show some difficulty with problem-solving to pick the apple.

How would you draw someone picking an apple from a tree?



What the hell is art therapy?

12 03 2008

Whenever I divulge that I am a graduate student in an Art Therapy masters program, I get a lot of people to cock their head to the side and utter a polite, “huh?” So, what the hell is Art Therapy? Glad you asked! My best description would go something like this:

Art therapy is an expressive form of psychotherapy that uses art materials, such as colored pencils, markers, paints, chalk and clay. Art therapists use the same psychotherapeutic techniques that talk therapists use, but they integrate the creative process into their session. Art therapists have an understanding for the way that different materials can evoke different emotional experiences, as well as the symbolism for shapes and color within the art. Merely creating through line, color and shape can be a major part of the healing process of art therapy.

Want to know more? There isn’t a huge amount of information out there that I trust on Art Therapy, but I recommend perusing the Art Therapy Association website.

House-Tree-Person art assessment drawing