Sarcasm:Asperger’s Disorder as Apples:Oranges

12 03 2008

Half of the kids I work with are classified as on the “spectrum” of autism. They have Asperger’s syndrome, and delight me every day with their quirky comments, awkward interactions and clumsiness. I have an adoration for kids afflicted with this disorder not just due to their straight shooting, candid, fact-loving nature, but also because their mind works in intricately fascinating ways.

For an excellent example of what the personality of one with Asperger’s might be like, take a look at Napoleon Dynamite or Mr. Spock.

Napoleon Dynamite

Just to give a little insight into the fabulousness of the comments, noises and movements that these kids exhibit daily, I have listed below my top 5 “Aspyisms” of March 2008:

Aspyisms 03.08

1. “MAJOR PWNAGE!” translation: “I’m kicking your ass at this video game!”

2. “TACO!” translation: “I need to randomly say something because that is my concept of humor!”

3. “YOUR MOM SITS DOWN.” translation: “No, I will not sit down as you have requested, and I will furthermore toss in what I believe to be an insult in an effort to show how pissed I really am that you even asked me to sit down right now.”

4. “UMM THAT WAS WEIRD.” translation: “I don’t know how to react to social behavior so I’ll use “weird” to express my confusion.

5. “MEH.” translation: “I am bored” (also used to express just about every feeling across the spectrum of human emotion)