Save Polaroid

14 03 2008

As a self-proclaimed (and coined) “creativist,” I have always loved the charm and classic look of the Polaroid. Unfortunately, this will be the last year that the world can satisfy their vintage urges through Polaroid pictures because the company has decided to discontinue their film. What can you do to keep Polaroid alive? Here is a list of fun ways to use one’s creativity to explore the world through the lens of a Polaroid camera:

1. Take pictures of nature and hide them so that others might find them while walking along the same path and have a souvenir of their outing to take home with them.

Tree Polaroid

2. Drive around town and take pictures of all your favorite spots so you can post them in your cube and daydream about not being at work.

Old Polaroid

3. Send a picture to a loved one as you would a greeting card. Snail mail needs just as much business as Polaroid, people.

Flower Polaroid

4. Take a self-portrait to remember an awesome hair day or just a moment in time, and stick it in a book somewhere to be found and admired later.

Man Polaroid

5. Find Yeti, Nessie or a Leprechaun and get yourself famous by take a picture that cannot be digitally altered! (If you can’t find any mysterious creatures, you can always get your midget buddy to dress up like a creepy gnome.)

Arm Polaroid