Doodles Everywhere

13 03 2008

Ever drive in your car to work and notice an unexpectedly beautiful advertisement as you cruise on by?  Or walk out your front door and catch a glimpse of a tag along the wall of your apartment complex that strikes you as something you would consider mounting on your wall?  How about sitting down for a delicious cup of coffee and finding an image in the swirl of foam atop your cappuccino?  If so, you my friend are a true urban art connoisseur.  While driving my car to work this morning, I noticed that someone had painted words on the foot bridge that spans the freeway.  I don’t know how many people actually look up and are aware of the lettering, or the message behind it, but it was a brief reminder that art can be found everywhere…

Below I’ve displayed some art, pulled from places you might not think to look, but when you take a second glance perhaps you’ll see the image differently.  It’s an important lesson for art therapists who are quick to look for the obvious in art.  Sometimes the subtle, hidden, mundane might be the most interesting part.

Graffiti Planes           Cuppachino Art

San Francisco Art      Street Art

Keep your eyes open.